technology since 1989.

Media/ Internet/ Voice & Business offerings for resellers.

Practical and Experienced ICT Services Provider.

At diausGroup we believe that ICT should not be complex, and is a tool to be used to manage and grow your business.

To deliver on this, we provide Internet based software and services that are designed to meet the needs of the SME ("Small & Medium Enterprise") & NFP ("Not For Profit").

diausGroup provides its offerings via an authorised reseller chain and all the offerings are designed and implemented to offer the SME or NFP all of the technology benefits that the large enterprise already have

at a cost that is affordable to the SME or NFP.

We are here to help you grow your business by providing you with the tools and support that you need to provide value-adding services to your clients.

diausGroup has created a set of software applications that enable the delivery of media rich content. From live-streaming events to the creation of broadcast quality video - we have what you need.

We also have a full set of Internet, Voice, and Business applications for our global chain of resellers to provide to their clients.

Now accepting payment via crypto currencies.

The group is also involved in Project MAI, The LRF, and The SE Project

diausGroup also provides services to various NFP ("Not For Profit") organisations.


The diausGroup resellers are a group of businesses that offer services to their clients across the globe.

Each of these resellers has detailed in-depth specialist knowledge, and offer uniquely tailored services to their clients.

Are you interested in being a reseller? Do you need a find a reseller in your location? Want to learn more?


diausGroup is looking for people across the globe.

We are currently looking for:

  • Videographers,
  • Interpreters,
  • Speech to Sign Interpreters,
  • Help Desk Agents,
  • Post Production Editors,
  • Project Co-ordinators (Media),
  • Client Relationship Managers.


diausData is a cloud storage service that is built on the ownCloud platform, which is a popular open-source cloud storage solution. We offer affordable storage plans with multiple terabytes of space, making it a great option for users with a lot of data to store.

One of the benefits of using diausData is its ease of use, as it offers a simple interface that can be accessed through a web browser or various applications for different operating systems. It also is a secure and reliable option, with features like encryption and redundancy to protect user data.

diausData is a good choice for users who need a cost-effective way to store and manage their data in the cloud, while also having the flexibility to access it from different devices and platforms.


This sections is for resellers and end-user clients.

ownCloud - A fully featured cloud storage service for upto 120 TBs of storage.
Desktop Agents.
Mobile Agent.